Be Nice to Your Customers – Write a Blog

Photos from blogs are inviting to customers.

Its date night and you are surfing the web for a nearby restaurant; one has a blog with lots of photos of salads, drinks and steaks.  There are even articles about the recent fresh catch of fish and Mediterranean recipes.  The other restaurant dons an address and a few yelp reviews. Which are you likely to choose? 

Most likely you’ll skip the silent yelper and go for the photos of food.  And why wouldn’t you?  Blogs are one of the best ways to be inviting and friendly to your audience. 

Small business owners should strongly consider writing a blog in order to add value to their customers experience. 

Blogs establish trust

Having a blog establishes a helping connection.

Customers often want to do their own research before making a purchase.  In fact, according to express writers, 47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content before they take steps to make a purchase.  Having a blog brings your company into the conversation earlier- bringing your voice as to help inform rather than push.

Easier to find you

Perhaps you have the perfect solution for a customer.  But if she can’t find you, it doesn’t matter.  With a blog, your customer is more likely to find out about your online presence. 

You have a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you have a featured blog on your website!

Now that’s substantial!  When is the last time you clicked on the first few links in a web search?  A minute ago?  People click on the search results that rank highly so, if having a blog will move you up on the results, you may want to go for it.   

Other companies are blogging

If you knew that your competition was providing all sorts of information to your client, wouldn’t you want to get in on the conversation and show yourself to be just as, if not more, information?  Well, your competition is planning that conversion.  Blogging is the top content priority for 55% of marketers.   That means that there will continue to be a lot of good conversation generating content from your competition.

More appealing than advertising

Blogs can generate the clicks and leads that drive up sales or involvement.  According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marking (like blogs) gets more leads than paid advertising does – three times more leads! 

Blogging answers people’s questions

The basic gist of your blog can be to answer people’s questions.

Whenever people are going to purchase something, especially of significant monetary value, they have questions.  What is friendlier than answering those questions for the customer?  Just before the buying stage, getting the answers to those questions is exactly what customers want.  Writing a blog as a way of offering those answers is kindly anticipating the needs of your customers and proactively reaching out with what they want before they even act. 

It works

Kate and her husband hated putting their dogs in a kennel and so they started a pet sitting business to solve their own pet care needs.  They tried traditional ways of bolstering their company and they attracted 40 customers.  Not bad but they were stuck there.  Kate began blogging three times per week, answering people’s questions.  After 18 months, they had 10,000 website visitors per month!  After three years, they grew their revenues by 450% and they opened three franchises.  The friendly approach of a blog worked.  This case study is featured in

Blogs can help grow a small dog walking program into a franchise.

Kate and her husband built trust among their clients by answering questions and being in contact with them through their blog.  Thousands of people were able to find them because of all the increased traffic from the blog.  Their blogging worked to the point that they expanded their company significantly. 

You can blog too

Here are a few steps that you can take easily to get your company off to friendlier communication with your clients or customers.

1.  Post an article answering one common question per week.

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Blogging doesn’t have to be incredibly burdensome.  Start simply by just considering the things you usually speak to customers about.  What are their questions?  What questions do you wish they would ask?  Write about that.

2. Add pictures to your blogs.

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Many people scan blogs quickly and a photo can be a great way to increase your communication in a short amount of time.  Websites like pexels and pixabay offer thousands of free images. 

3. Hire a freelancer to communicate your ideas.

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If you do not have the time, desire or skill to write a blog, find someone who does.  With a freelancer, you can communicate your own ideas about your company and have her bring your words to life.  There are many online freelancing websites where you can find a writer.  While many freelancers can write content, it is particularly helpful to your growing business to develop a relationship with a writer who understands your niche. 


Back to picking a restaurant for your date night- the attractive place with the blog and photos?  They seemed pretty friendly, right?  You too can do what they did.  With a blog, your friendly answers and articles can establish trust with your customers.  People will be more likely to find you and you will be in on the conversation.

With customer satisfaction as the major gateway to a financially successful business, blogs can go a long way to helping a company profit.  Plus, it may just make the business world a friendlier place.