What I See in the Classroom

Classrooms are full of technology you don’t want your kids using.

I’m tired. Its not because I worked hard. Its because of what I see. The view from a substitute teacher’s desk weigh’s heavy on my heart…

“Time for a little class competition. John, will you please put your phone away and try to factor this trinomial?” Teacher walks next to the kid who is checking Snap Chat. “Put it away, please.” The kid doesn’t budge. Five minutes later, the phone is still out, 50 minutes later, the phone is still out. Or the phone is out again.

Kids checking their makeup in the camera of their phone, watching Netflix movies on the iPad while doing math problems, mindlessly swiping through post after post, ear buds in continuously, a few quickly try to do some of the assignment. Or not. Maybe not. Heads down on the desk. Video games. Music playing. No, I won’t put my phone away because I’m listening to music. Teacher says, don’t leave yet, the bell hasn’t rung. Kid lingers in the door way, taking a step further into the hallway. Kids throw away paper with a basketball shot from the back of the room. “And I said to that F-n lady that blah blah.” “Watch your language, please.” “What, what did I say?” the baby faced boy honestly wonders.

This is all just in one day. And it was actually a decent day.