About Me

I am a mom of four, happy wife, chocolate fanatic and cross country traveler. Can you guess the one state I have yet to visit? Knee-boards, trampolines and little birds are a few of my favorite things. I’m learning classical guitar and I often set off the fire alarm with my cooking. I’ve worked as an exterior house painter, university chaplain, curriculum writer, high school teacher and laundry girl at a fitness center. Check out the book I’m writing for my family and friends. On a good day, you can find me hiking or on stage as a storyteller.

Carrie makes an immediate and enduring impression as an intelligent, articulate, genuine and compassionate individual. She is well organized, patient and has high standards.

Beth S. – professor of journalism

Why Wellness?

I use my sense as a mom, to write about whole person wellness.
Just like every other parent in the world, I emphatically want my children to be happy. That happiness looks quite different from stage to stage. I am constantly on the look out for new growth and that next stage of development. Meeting “milestones” and going through stages is part of the process of happiness. Finding the next step for a person to move them along the path to wholeness is exciting both theoretically and in practice. Likewise, we know that our children’s happiness is contingent upon dozens of variations of our basic human needs. If my son is getting in fights with his older brother, I know that it might be because he couldn’t understand “new math” or he was “it” forever in the playground game of tag. We are integrated people. I bring this “mom like” concern and drive for the success of other’s well-being to my writing.

I use my sense as a teacher to write about whole person wellness. I am in the classroom a few times a week. The tips and tricks of teachers to expand the minds of students and assimilate new ways of thinking is mind boggling! The idea that a little kid can go to school not even knowing his ABC’s and graduate being able to start up a company, factor trinomials, connect current politics to historical events convinces me that there is a bit of magic in the works. I love learning from my colleagues and students themselves about what propels us to learn. Our capacity to learn is a huge part of wellness! On the flip side, I see the difficult side of human nature in the classrooms. Students struggle, become apathetic, bully and stress out. This drives me to my knees with desire to help each person become whole.

I use my sense as a Christian to write about whole person wellness. With a BA in Religious studies from Indiana University and an MA in Theology from Loyola University, I have poured over anthropology, the philosophy of man, virtue, brokenness and redemption. For me, the study (and practice) of Christianity is a endless warehouse of wisdom as it relates to wellness. Likewise, modern research helps immensely for us to move forward in understanding our brains, bodies and emotions. Researched therapies and interventions improve the ability of so many to achieve the wellness for which we were created.

Christ is at the heart of wellness