Wellness Education can help any organization who is seeking to promote a healthy life style including therapists, counselors, educators, musicians, developmental behaviorists, family services, rehab, human resource departments, churches and Christian organizations. If you have writing ideas beyond this scope feel free to reach out so we can determine how I can best suite your company’s needs. I work with local clients as well as various locations online.

Available Services 

  • content research
  • articles for blogs
  • SEO content
  • email templates
  • e-books
  • newsletter
  • brochures
  • product and service descriptions

Among the most valuable things she contributed were several original stories which showed true creativity and writing ability. Early reviewers of our curriculum – including superintendents of school systems- have been extremely impressed.

I found Carrie to be highly dependable and a real joy to work with. She complete tasks on time, and often ahead of schedule. She was very flexible, and willing to re-work material with my recommendations.

Sam A. – president of a publishing company

Well-being or wellness education seeks to inform people about the practices and habits that lead to happiness and health. I use clinical research, Christian anthropology and practical experience. It also evaluates things which may be a stumbling block or barrier to that happiness. Topics which build up a healthy lifestyle are almost limitless. A few examples:

Topic Ideas

  • finding joy through gratitude
  • why we play
  • restorative effects of sleep
  • daily prayer
  • the need for silence
  • reflective listening
  • benefits of good eye contact
  • effects of affection
  • the power of positive thinking
  • honesty with God
  • common cultural addictions
  • habitual reflection
  • healing nature of touch
  • traveling to places that inspire